H.E. Ismaïl Omar Guelleh 

H.E Ismaïl Omar Guelleh is the son of Omar Guelleh, who worked for the railway company between Ethiopia and Djibouti as a member of the first wave of indigenous teachers. H.E Ismaïl Omar Guelleh is also the grand-son of Guelleh Batal, a leading figure of Djibouti notables that signed the administrative treaty with France.


The Political Path of the Pilgrim of Regional Peace

H.E Ismail Omar Guelleh, President of the Republic of Djibouti, is unquestionably a man of peace. Since his election in 1999, he has devoted himself to reconciliation and peace-building, both within our nation and in the sub-region. His wisdom and commitment make him the pillar of stability in our country and undeniably in this part of the continent that is the Horn of Africa.


From the very first months of his mandate, during the Arta conference, Ismail Omar Guelleh undertook the difficult task of rebuilding the Somali nation, which had sunk into chaos after fratricidal wars. Despite the challenges, he succeeded in forging a solid reconciliation between the Somali brothers, demonstrating his determination to establish peace against all odds.


More recently, Ismail Omar Guelleh has shone by orchestrating a rapprochement between Somalia and Somaliland, resulting in agreements that open a promising round of talks.


On each occasion, his strategic finesse and genius for mediation have been decisive, establishing a climate of trust between the parties involved. His vision has laid the foundations for peaceful cooperation in a region often marked by tensions.


As President of IGAD, H.E Ismail Omar Guelleh has breathed new life into the negotiation process between the parties to the conflict in Sudan. His leadership has laid the foundations for a peaceful and lasting approach to the disputes, underlining once again his central role in promoting peace at regional level.


HE. Ismail Omar Guelleh stands out unquestionably as a man of peace, whose commitment to reconciliation and stability has had a significant impact at both national and international level.


At the national level, he played a crucial role in reconciling the Front pour la Restauration de l'Unité et de la Démocratie (FRUD) and the government during the Aba'a agreements in 1994. Its ability to facilitate dialogue and find consensual solutions was a major asset in the resolution of this internal conflict.


With this in mind, Djibouti, under the leadership of President Ismail Omar Guelleh, has become a veritable haven of peace. His vision of peace, national unity and social cohesion has been at the heart of this metamorphosis. The President sees these values as essential priorities for ensuring the stability and well-being of the nation.


Furthermore, in the exercise of his function as Head of State, IOG periodically organises citizens' meetings and engages in open dialogue with the population. His regular presence in the various regions bears witness to his commitment to the grassroots of Djiboutian society. These exchanges strengthen the link between the leadership and the people, fostering a mutual understanding of needs and aspirations.


One of President Guelleh's major strengths lies in his ability to listen attentively to the concerns and feelings of his compatriots. By cultivating this closeness with the population, he demonstrates a genuine desire to understand the realities experienced by Djiboutians on a daily basis. This quality of active listening strengthens the people's confidence in his leadership.


In the light of all this, we can't help but say that he truly embodies the idea of a committed statesman, ready to work for the collective well-being. His inclusive and participatory approach creates an environment conducive to the peaceful resolution of internal conflicts and the promotion of harmonious coexistence.

This is why Djibouti continues to evolve as a successful example of stability, thanks to a leadership that values peace, unity and mutual understanding.


In addition to his commitment to peace and his attentiveness to the people, Ismail Omar Guelleh is distinguished by other facets that help to make him an exceptional statesman.


His enlightened leadership has also been evident on the economic front. Under his leadership, Djibouti has seen significant economic growth, thanks to strategic policies aimed at diversifying key sectors. Investment in infrastructure, notably the port of Doraleh, has strengthened Djibouti's position as a regional economic hub.


At the same time, President Guelleh has worked to strengthen Djibouti's diplomatic relations on the international stage. His leadership at the head of the African Union has strengthened Djibouti's voice in continental discussions, testifying to its desire to make an active contribution to regional and global issues.


Finally, H.E Ismail Omar Guelleh has proven to be an accomplished statesman, combining the promotion of peace with a global vision of development. His balanced leadership, embracing economic, diplomatic, environmental and educational dimensions, has shaped Djibouti into a resilient and prosperous nation. The legacy of this man of peace will extend beyond his time, leaving a lasting mark on Djibouti's history. He will remain undeniable as a peacemaking leader, becoming an emblematic figure in the relentless quest for peace in East Africa.